Top Web Development Trends

It is important to stay up to date with all the trends to be aware of what is happening in the field of web development.

It is important to stay up to date with all the trends to be aware of what is happening in the field of web development. Trends absorb the best of available options and ideas, help developers choose the most successful approaches and methods. Let’s take a look at what is popular in web development right now.

Artificial Intelligence
AI has become a field where IT companies compete against each other in a struggle to maintain the best tech talent, as AI evolution is the future of the IT industry. AI contributes a lot to web developers as it allows them to create applications that perform with high accuracy even without manpower – the app itself acts human-like and makes the process way more efficient. Web developers take benefits from using such a power that widens their abilities in website development, and here are just some of the most popular examples:

Virtual Reality
A new level of interactivity is provided by the utilization of VR technologies. Now such IT giants as Google are eager to transfer VR tools to the web by building their own APIs. Facebook, for example, has already succeeded in the transition process and provided its users with virtual social interactivity tools – “population maps”, interactive avatars and more.
This innovation is not so commonly adopted, and in the future it may bring the user experience on the website to a new level, provide better interactivity and boost retention.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things allows controlling different devices remotely, e.g. home appliances or wearables. The Internet is expanding and as the number of mobile devices grows, people more often want to take benefits of IoT on the go. That is why it is important to create lightweight web-based applications, chatbots and more to use on smartphones to keep pace with the times.

Among all the web development technologies JavaScript is now on the rise, according to the StackOverflow research. From the very beginning of 2017, it continues to develop as one of the most well-known trends and attracts more developers to use it, especially the full-stack ones. It has two extremely popular development tools: Angular framework and React library, and Angular’s popularity slightly prevails. Web developers who want to have a successful career in this field would definitely prefer to use and master JavaScript.

Static site generators
Looking back you may remember static sites – the only websites on the Internet at its very beginning. Then there were dynamic websites, and developers had to participate in a way more complex process of website building to deliver a richer technical background and functionality. Now in some cases, web development returns to the past and static websites become popular again. One of the latest tools to create such sites is a static site generator build on JavaScript or another suitable language. It combines all the advantages of CMS and old static websites delivering exceptional user experience, which makes it one of the top trends to watch and implement.

Advanced security
The blend of modern data security technologies Secure Socket Layer with HTTPS provides a robust and secure connection to any website. It encrypts the data that users transfer and keeps it from being modified in any way. At the end, the data is authenticated to check whether the users communicate with the website with no interruptions.
Now when your users are secured and are able to work with your website freely and confidently, think about other benefits. Google prefers sites with advanced security and gives them higher ratings, which is priceless for the website SEO.

The blockchain is now making inroads into different markets, and more and more businesses may want to implement the technology to reach their goals. Blockchain may become one of the top web development trends because of the numerous benefits it offers. It is, in simple terms, a way to store data collectively on numbers of computers. When someone wants to perform a transaction of data, it is accomplished with no intermediaries and involves a lot of computers to take a part in a complex algorithm. The whole process provides advanced security and data protection, thus becoming more widespread among businesses of different kinds.

Motion UI
People visit websites not only to get some information but also to receive particular experience. To attract and retain a wider audience, it is important to follow the latest technologies that allow websites to be more than a bunch of functions and content. Motion UI library is the exact tool that helps developers create websites with interaction-focused interfaces and appealing animations, adding no extra weight to the website itself.

As can be seen, these web development trends fully show that now it is important to follow both user needs and the most efficient and innovative technologies. This complex approach allows developers to create websites and web applications that greatly contribute to any business by attracting and keeping a wider audience. It also allows developers to involve their creativity and create something new and appealing, choose fresh approaches to web development and implement experimental technologies.

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