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The era of connectivity opens up new opportunities for businesses and individuals, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is at the forefront of change. Having bloomed over the past few years, IoT continues to surprise us with smart technological breakthroughs, thus redefining the application of many devices, gadgets and equipment in every industry: healthcare, agriculture, construction, transportation, energy, manufacturing and other.

Today almost anything, from wearable devices, parts of machines to whole cities, can be connected to the Internet. IoT solutions transform their language into actionable and valuable information, thereby improving our lives in many ways. Why not wield the power of the Internet of Things solutions right now? We know how to help you do business better, improve production or service provision, let you streamline your business workflow. Our IoT software is based on the latest development technologies and machine learning methods and crafted by skilled specialists.

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What We Offer

Middleware and End-User Application Development

At Softvelopers, developers of Internet of Things applications successfully deal with all possible trade-offs of embedded systems, such as speed, power, connection, energy supply, etc. We take into account every rigorous requirement of security, safety, privacy, infrastructure compliance and protection to create reliable middleware systems (e.g. web servers) and end-user applications (mobile apps that access, control and manage connected devices).

User Interfaces

The way the interfaces of Internet of Things software solutions looks has a certain effect on our perception and behavior, particularly when it comes to human-machine interaction. At our company, IoT experts, UX engineers and UI designers work in tandem to create attractive and engaging people-to-machine interfaces. They utilize mobile, web development technologies and design principles most appropriate to the given interface.

Consulting Services

Enterprises seek professional assistance when they want to make the first step towards taking advantage of IoT software. Our Internet of Things consultants do in-depth analysis of your needs and give ace advice as for which solution is the most optimal to reach new heights: either out-of-the-box or custom IoT solutions.

Big Data Services

Managing burgeoning volumes of Big Data is a daunting task but not with Big Data solutions from Softvelopers. Such systems offer smart data mining tools enabling businesses to squeeze valuable information out of every drop of data available. Big Data analytics supports informed decisions, provides deeper insight into the state of things, and greatly improves user experience.

Deep Learning Solutions

Custom development solutions that employ deep learning algorithms offer many perks: information processing in natural language, advanced detection and recognition of images, automatic recognition of speech and more. All these are very beneficial when it is necessary to personalize product recommendations, improve logistics workflows, optimize complex manufacturing processes, predict personalized health outcomes.

Why Us

  • We leverage our solid experience in IoT software development, integration and customization to help your business thrive.
  • Our bespoke IoT applications effectively process and interpret any amounts of data obtained from connected objects.
  • Know how to overcome IoT interoperability challenges and address privacy and security concerns.
  • Our customers enjoy our Internet of Things services and products because they are in full compliance with all the standards and requirements.
  • Softvelopers experts are always ready to answer all your questions, give you an adequate recommendation or a valuable piece of advice.

Our Tech Stack

Wireless Technologies
Il, 802.15 4, Zigbee, Bluetooth, BLF, COMA, GSM, LTE
Network Technologies
Ethernet, CAN, rs485/rslü2/rs232, I-wire, i2c, SPI, ModBus/MLlddusRTlJ, PMI, iSCSI
Web Service Technologies
TCP/IP Protocols
Mobile Technologies
Android SDK, Ot, iOS SDK, Objective C, Java, Swift
Protocol Technologies
Authorization & Authentication Technologies
oauth2, PAM, LDAP
Platforms and CPU Architectures
ARM, X86, PowerPC, AVR, PIC, Arduino, Windows 10 IoT Core
Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, Python, Tcl/Tk, ASM, Bash

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