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We at Softvelopers combine our comprehensive domain knowledge and vast technological expertise to deliver robust custom solutions, helping businesses accelerate their operations and seize untapped opportunities. We take into account every minor detail to ensure that our solutions satisfy your business needs and meet in-house and industry-specific standards.

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Healthcare Solutions

Custom software products for medical institutions, healthcare providers, physicians and patients. HIPAA, DICOM, HL7, IHE, ICD-9 and ICD-10 compliant systems. Powerful tools for medical data accumulation, analysis and efficient management. The development of mobile apps, web applications, CMS-driven websites and desktop apps from the ground up. Customization of existing products.
Transportation and Logistics

Logistics and Transportation Software

Bespoke and customized applications for business operators, workers, customers and partners in the logistics and transportation industry with advanced tools for transportation, load, supply chain, warehouse and inventory management. Reporting, business intelligence and accounting software. Mapping and navigation solutions. Planning and booking systems.
Banking and Finance

Banking and Financial Solutions

Tailor-made software solutions for banks and other financial institutions, supporting back- and front-office operations. Payment gateway integration. Solutions for tax and investment management, transaction processing, financial data and risks analysis, loan and mortgage management, statistics and reporting. Customization and integration of third-party software systems.
E-learning software

E-Learning Software

Applications of different types for educational establishments, principals and teachers, parents and students. Employee training systems. Online e-learning platforms. Custom learning management software. School management systems. Software integration and customization.

Trading Platforms

Custom trading systems for stock exchanges, brokerages, trust funds, investment institutions and more. Tailor-made and customized trading platforms. Mobile trading apps for different platforms. Custom analytical solutions. Automated trading systems.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Custom data mining tools. Data storage and processing tools. Intelligent storage platform deployment. OLAP/OLTP tools and custom dashboards. BI software customization, integration and implementation.
Knowledge management software

Knowledge Management Systems

Custom knowledge management software of any complexity. Content management solutions. Text mining systems. Sentiment analysis tools. Deep learning solutions that make use of natural language processing and machine learning. Research and development outsourcing.
Business Intelligence

Document Management Software

Bespoke document management (DM) solutions that leverage the power of such platforms as SharePoint, Oracle Primavera and Documentum. DM systems that store and process documents, enable intelligent search, provide different access levels. Third-party software integration.

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) solution development. Middleware systems and end-user applications. User interface design and creation. Big Data services and deep learning solution development. IoT consulting services for any industry and business needs.

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