For our software development services, we apply Agile as an advanced methodology that empowers iterative project development totally open to changing customer’s requirements. Our experienced team develops cost-effective solutions for both small and global businesses and delivers working product versions at each sprint.
To involve our customers into the development process and receive their valuable feedback, we employ Scrum – the most popular Agile framework. Collaborating with our customers on a regular basis under the Agile methodology, we ensure project flexibility in terms of making ongoing amendments to eliminate mismatches and coordinating further sprint-based development. This way, our clients painlessly keep track of the latest product state and always report whether it works as expected.
As another facet of Agile, there is Kanban methodology that allows managing the development process in a slightly different way. Kanban is similar to Scrum as it also implies manageable parts, but while Scrum limits time allotted to complete a particular task, Kanban limits the amount of work to be completed during a particular sprint. To control the workflow under the Agile Kanban methodology, developers use various visual progress indicating tools such as Kanban board, Burndown charts and more.
We are guided by cornerstone principles common for Agile software developers, such as:

  • Prioritizing response to client needs
  • Fostering close customer-developers communication
  • Prompt and sprint-based delivery of working code
  • Changes support late after development
  • Consistent development of custom solutions
  • Knowledge sharing to work out better strategies

Agile Scrum Methodology

Scrum is one of the commonly adopted frameworks for implementing Agile methodology. By employing an iterative and sprint-based software development mode, Agile Scrum methodology is rapid and efficient in terms of delivering a working software system to the customer:


Why Go Agile

The software development process guided by Agile offers a bunch of appealing benefits both for clients and developers:

Why Work With Us

  • Continuous communication with our clients to introduce all the required changes at each sprint
  • A flexible pricing policy and complete financial transparency
  • Focus on customers’ needs, exclusive delivery of not only software solutions but also business results
  • Time and cost predictable Agile development services due to a flexible schedule
  • Know-how for Agile-driven software development of user- and business-focused solutions

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