C/C++ Development Services

C/C++ remains one of the world’s most widely used languages with its impressive development track record. Possessing a wealth of programming features, C/C++ is used to create robust multi-device and multi-platform applications, such as:

  • Corporate-level enterprise solutions
  • Embedded software
  • Hardware drivers
  • High-performance servers
  • Entertainment solutions
  • Objective C apps for mobile devices

C/C++ development solutions were among the first projects at our company, thus we know very well how to create robust desktop software, rich media content processing tools, video games, networking applications and many other types.

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  • Software optimization for operating systems

  • File systems migration and management

  • Device drivers development and customization

  • Embedded systems development

  • Protocol testing and sockets programming

  • Rich media software development

  • Security management and encryption software

  • UI development

What We Offer

Desktop Solutions

Leveraging our solid expertise in custom software development in C/C++ for such OSes as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, we tailor solutions of any scale and to diverse business needs, be it plugins, device drivers or networked modular desktop applications. We deploy our desktop software on any OS without additional runtime environments.

Embedded Software

C/C++ enables us to design embedded software for different kinds of devices and complex embedded systems with less code and maximum execution efficiency. The compilation process thus runs faster, which is especially important for embedded software with capacity and storage limitations.

Server-Side Programming

As one of the most favored programming languages, C/C++ is efficiently used for the development of server-side applications to run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux server platforms. With the help of latest server-oriented frameworks and toolkits, we create solutions that are easy to administer and use.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile developers love C/C++ as it is a great choice for the creation of user-friendly apps for iOS, Android and Windows. What is more, utilizing up-to-date frameworks, we deliver apps with matchless user experience.

Cross-Platform Applications

C/C++ language easily copes with challenges of cross-platform applications development, overcoming the difficulties of any type, be it building beautiful, responsive GUIs or creating complex enterprise software. Cross-platform approach saves business costs on development, and as a positive side effect, makes the code more lightweight, easy to comprehend.

Native Systems Upgrade

As time passes and technologies evolve, some corporate C/C++ based applications need a timely upgrade to stay up to date with the briskly changing business requirements and user’s new needs. Whatever the scope of work, Softvelopers is at your disposal to modernize the application within a reasonable period of time.

Tech Stack

Visual C++, Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder, Watcom C/C++, GNU C/C++, GCC, Make, Autoconf
Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS/Mac OS X, iOS, Android OS, Pocket PC, Solaris, Win 32
SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access

Why Us

  • A team of skillful programmers with scrupulous attention to every detail to deliver value and quality.
  • Our C/C++ software development and quality assurance processes are transparent and comprehensible to every customer.
  • Vast experience and engineering skills to create portable, scalable and customizable C/C++ apps of any complexity.
  • Our C/C++ application development solutions do not require a runtime environment installed to function on the end-user hardware.
  • Timely feedback and assistance on any issue you have.

Domain Expertise

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