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Softvelopers offers its extensive experience in the development of custom banking and financial software products that meet the most rigorous in-house and industry requirements. Whether you need an auto-bank reconciliation module for an existing finance application, for instance, or the development of the client-server fintech solution from the ground up, we are happy to render corresponding assistance.

We work hand in hand with you to elaborate on your specific requirements to front-end and back-end application parts, develop, test and deliver secure and robust finance and banking software. Banks and financial institutions, investment and payment services providers, insurance companies, mobile banking service providers, financial analysts and others already enjoy the perks of our cost-efficient custom software development service and high quality of solutions highlighting:

  • Full compliance with strict banking and financial regulations
  • End-to-end security of payments, financial transactions and remittances
  • High-level safety of orders and invoices, subscriptions and bills
  • Support of diverse templates, reports, analytical tools and data visualization
  • Management of revenue streams and support of flexible payment options
  • Availability of customer loyalty and service promo programs
  • Mobile capabilities and integration with third-party systems

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We Create Solutions For

Investment Management

Advanced systems for investment management are designed to conduct risks analysis, reporting, yield curve analysis. Investment applications offer rich accounting functionality and cutting-edge tools for cash flow and what-if analyses, fees calculation, scenario simulation, unitization and data aggregation.

Loan & Mortgage Management

Such banking software systems are used by consumer loan companies, banks and their clients to effectively manage multiple credit lines and loans. Loan and mortgage management solutions allow for automated loan approval processes, risk assessment, insurance calculations and tracking and reporting capabilities, generation of diverse documentation.

Transaction Performance Management

These are networked desktop and web applications that manage financial transactions, accelerate and improve the delivery of financial and banking solutions and services to the customers. They ensure seamless processing of payments of numerous types, converging of payment operations to a single platform, standardization of financial transactions.

Fraud Analysis

The solutions for fraud analysis smartly aggregate the client’s data from a variety of sources to identify fraud and other suspicious activities. Such systems reduce the amount of fraudulent transactions, improve operation efficiency and manage high-risk orders by moving to electronic payment and invoicing, adding signatory rights, user audit.

Payment Gateway Implementation and Integration

Payment gateways assist in the establishment effective communication between banks and customers. Implementation or integration of such systems allows processing of online payments via a supported credit card. The payment gateway securely transmits the user data and card holder’s account information to a respective financial institution and gets back either transaction acceptance or denial.

Bank Front- and Back-Office Development

CRM systems, payment platforms, tax software, web or mobile apps. with bank front-office are focused on interactions with clients to drive traffic and revenue. BI solutions, document management software, systems for prediction and analysis are used for such back office activities as information processing, support and administration of each single process and entire workflow, statistics, analysis and reporting.

Development Approach and Processes

dev-process-business-analysis Business Analysis
dev-process-next-live-circle Next live-circle stage
dev-process-specification System Specification
dev-process-development Development
dev-process-delivery Delivery
dev-process-scrum Scrum/Agile

Why Us

  • Financial and banking software were among our first projects, so we are aware of each facet of industry-driven technology application.
  • We are always poised to new projects challenged by evolving trends and tendencies in fintech.
  • Our full-cycle development service is applicable to all kinds of software: desktop, web and mobile.
  • We not only code banking software, but also provide professional consultation, technical support and maintenance services.
  • All of our custom banking software apps do not deviate even a single code line from the requirements of our customers.

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