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As a prominent healthcare software company, Softvelopers provides software that manages the issues medical institutions and employees face in their daily life. Having more than 15 years of practical experience in custom medical software development, we earned trust and respect of all the medical facilities which once turned to us for help. We take advantage of the latest technologies to deliver solutions that are HIPAA-compliant and ensure PHI security. Our seasoned experts offer healthcare givers the following software products:
  • ic_telemedicine

    Telemedicine solutions

  • ic_appointment-scheduling

    EMR/EHR systems

  • ic_reporting-sys

    AI and BI systems

  • ic_Hospital-outpatient-clinic

    Hospital and outpatient clinic management software

  • ic_analyse-app

    Medical image analyses apps

  • ic_Invoicing-solutions

    Invoicing solutions

  • ic_Data-processing

    Data processing systems

  • etc-01

    Medical VR applications

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Healthcare Management Systems

Healthcare Management Information Systems are aimed at simplifying workflow management in healthcare institutions. Such systems enable health data collection, access, storage and management while automating multiple complex tasks. All this helps hospital staff spend more time on patient care and make wiser decisions.

Medical Practice Management Software

Being an experienced medical software company, we deliver custom medical practice management software (PMS) to any type of healthcare institutions. The solution aids in handling complex financial and administrative functions of medical practices: scheduling, billing and invoicing, reporting, insurance payers’ management, and more.

Patient Management Systems

Softvelopers knows how to improve patient management. We build custom systems that handle general patient management tasks: tracking patients’ data, diagnoses and prescriptions. We also develop custom patient management software that copes with more specific issues: catching and storing information from health devices, blood testing, outpatient management.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Software

Radiology departments opt for robust medical imaging and diagnostics software. We have a proven track record in the development of medical images acquisition software, as well as processing and visualization software. We ensure that these solutions read all types of images (MRI, PET, CT), comply with DICOM, and meet strict industry requirements.

Medical Finances Applications

Medical financial software is a must-have in the healthcare industry as medical facilities face numerous accounting, reporting, billing and invoicing issues. We know how to respond to these challenges and develop custom solutions for financial planning, facilities and material management, supply chain management, departmental budgeting, and more.

Biotech and Laboratory Solutions

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are in urgent need of high-quality software that will streamline the complex processes of research, drug discovery, bio- and blood banking management, clinical trials, and more. In addition, we build laboratory information management systems (LIMS) that speed up the sensitive laboratory workflow by transforming piles of raw data into meaningful scientific information.

Software for Medical Devices

Hospital software development is not limited to workflow management systems. Today, more and more medical facilities are applying applications on health-related devices to treatment of patients trying to establish effective communication with them. We build high-quality software for medical devices, including wearables and connected devices that make treatment more efficient and fast and medical services more available and patient-friendly.

Why Choose Softvelopers?

  • Security & compliance. Our solutions are HIPAA compliant and in line with the customers’ requirements. To protect patients’ sensitive data, we use only proven technologies in our healthcare software solutions.
  • Novel or modernized systems. We always stay on top of the latest tech trends and ensure you that your future solution will be nice, foolproof and easy to integrate. If your in-house system is aging or needs some new features, contact us and we will advise you on how to modernize it.
  • Cost-effectiveness & talent. As a reliable healthcare software development company, we do what we promise and promise what we can really do. The proof of our competence and customer loyalty is small to medium-sized projects, as well as short and long-term (10+ years) projects for different medical establishments.

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