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Businesses daily generate loads of raw data from different internal and external sources that need to be transformed into a powerful source of knowledge. To ensure that users have relevant and consistent information at hand, Softvelopers offers its expertise in the development and implementation of custom Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions. Powerful BI tools collect, process, analyze, create and visualize valuable information supporting wise decision making, accurate prediction and strategic planning of any organization.

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BI Tools


Data Mining

Data mining solutions help users discover and report valid knowledge retrieved from heterogeneous sources within and beyond a company. Such tools are efficiently applied in finance and banking to detect fraudulent actions, in marketing to use previously collected data for new campaigns, in manufacturing to detect optimal control parameters. These are just a few examples, and the actual application range is really wide.

Data Storage

As businesses rely on a skyrocketing number of software products that handle different types of data, they need a unified powerful solution for successful management and storage of all such data. Intelligent storage platforms (for instance, Hadoop) are capable of processing enormous volumes of diverse information stored on numerous servers, thus producing analytical results at a higher speed and lower cost.

Data Processing

Such software can successfully blend and process data from different sources – from flat files to Big Data storages. They utilize relational and binary data and convert this information into a rich vein of reliable source for analysis that can give enterprises an edge over their competitors.


OLAP/OLTP analysis is a powerful tool as it lets users analyze and arrange data in complex and detailed structures. Most databases are two-dimensional (for instance, a relational database with rows and columns), while OLAP/OLTP data is multidimensional – the data is grouped into dimensions and measurements. Users thus conduct more accurate analysis by comparing, analyzing and processing information utilizing such analytical tools as consolidation, slicing, dicing and more.


Custom dashboards use underlying reports as data sources and support data visualization to provide users with real-time insights and analytics. For instance, enterprises employ BI dashboards to monitor the status of KPIs and other parameters that showcase a performance level of a single business unit or entire enterprise.

Reporting tools

These solutions allow users to create custom reports of any complexity including ad-hoc, real-time, strategic, forecast, scheduled and other types. Data stored in different places can be collected in one place according to the customer’s business rules. Reporting tools are often combined with data processing, OLAP/OLTP and visualization components for more precise data representation.

What We Offer


BI Consulting

Our business intelligence applications experts are ready to provide their professional services for businesses that want to benefit from effective use of their data with the help of BI tools. We help you start your analytics project quickly by offering expert development advice and best practices to minimize risks and save time.

BI Software Customization and Implementation

Some of out-of-the-box BI solutions lack specific essential features, and businesses have to look for other options. We relieve you from tedious solution search and offer our service of both development from the ground up and customization of BI solutions for web, mobile, cloud and hybrid platforms to meet your business needs and standards.

Integration Services

Business intelligence solutions integrated with third-party software, functional modules and numerous information sources purposefully extend the functionality of existing applications and offer augmented experience in efficient data and processes management.

Business Intelligence Software Development

BI software is especially vital for enterprises that require advanced analysis and reporting of their dispersed data in accordance with organizational or industry-specific regulations. It is also critical when there is an urge for a product that will perfectly fit their infrastructure and work in line with all the internal processes.

Business Intelligence Advantages

  • In-depth analysis
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Effective visualization

  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Business performance analysis
  • Predictive modeling

Why Us

  • An experienced team of data architects, analysts and developers.
  • We always stay on top of the latest BI updates and development trends.
  • Our consulting and development services are second to none.

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