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Enterprises set high expectations for custom software solutions aimed to facilitate and streamline their operations: resource planning, supply chain and customer relationship management, accounting and more. The reason is that enterprise applications must meet strict software security and integration requirements and standards existing within a specific company and industry.

Being one of the leading custom enterprise software development companies, Softvelopers has 17 years of experience in developing custom solutions for a wide range of industries:

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What We Offer

Document Management Systems are vital for effective document workflow management. They not only provide flexible and secure document storage but also have such important features as document distribution, access control, manual/automated workflow management, document version control. Businesses choose custom DM solutions as they can be easily tailored to their specific needs: integrated with internal and external libraries and on-premise systems, as well as showcase unique functionality that out-of-the-box systems do not offer.

CRM Implementation

We have gained rich experience in implementing and integrating different CRM systems that assist our customers in marketing, sales and contact center automation. Our custom business software development solutions help companies control sales activities, simplify planning, create diverse reports and make the entire workflow more transparent both for employees and clients. When it comes to open source CRM systems, such as OroCRM and SugarCRM, specific business needs can be addressed by adding extra modules and features. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have access to the latest tools and guidelines and best development practices. We pride ourselves on being experts in CRM consulting and implementing Microsoft products.

Enterprise Search Software Solutions

Powerful search mechanisms are extremely important for effective content, knowledge management and processing as they are capable of retrieving information from different data sources, be they structured or unstructured, external or internal.
In order to guarantee a highly accurate search outcome, we can equip your enterprise application software with smart search tools, based on natural language processing powered by such a platform as Intellexer. On top of that, we provide integration with third-party indexing and search solutions such as Sphynx, Lucene, Elasticsearch and more.
Financial software developed by Softvelopers will help you automate financial flows and audit trails, optimize budgeting and planning, simplify financial reporting and improve the performance of involved departments. Your customers and employees will benefit from using bespoke solutions aimed to address customer processes.

Security Assessment and Backup Solution

In the world where information is priceless, businesses face numerous cyber and physical threats such as data leaks, DNS attacks, unauthorized access, sophisticated phishing scams, and many more. To ensure maximum threat-resistance of custom enterprise solutions, we use only proven security technologies, avoid excessive software permissions, embed backup features and apply security policies that protect sensitive data from disaster recovery, leakage and collapse problems.
contract management software

Contract Management Software

Contract management software is a must in everyday workflow as it helps to store and manage all the legal documents: contracts, leases and licensing agreements. Such solutions streamline administrative challenges and unify contract management process. Contract management applications are used to handle contract requests, collect data, create new contracts and follow them through all the stages from review and approval to signing and execution.

Why Choose Softvelopers

  • 17 years of experience in enterprise software development for companies from various industries.
  • We provide our clients with warranty and SLA support, deliver product updates and ensure secure and stable operation of the software.
  • To help you progress faster, we offer training programs and how-to guidelines.
  • We are always poised to help you tackle business and industry-driven challenges.

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