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Trading and financial activities evolve with incredible velocity nowadays. Whether you are a professional or have just stepped into the industry, Softvelopers meets you halfway with its high-quality and cost-efficient custom trading software development services. Our ultimate solutions enable you to do business with minimized downtime and risks, streamline key operations, remain profitable and competitive and enjoy the perks of the new frontier of technology.

The list of our customers includes traders, stock exchanges, brokerages, investment institutions, trust funds, P2P lending companies, banks and non-bank financial institutions. They entrusted us with their critical tasks and we shipped back best-in-class solutions living up to their expectations. We know which tech stack to leverage in order to create robust desktop, web and mobile applications that provide:

  • instant access to the world’s multiple stock and commodity markets;
  • automated trading and financial operations;
  • real-time information on the latest price and market changes, trends and indicators;
  • integration with analytical systems, BI solutions and payment platforms;
  • centralized documents and assets management;
  • opportunity to perform important tasks on the go;
  • smart tools for forecasting, planning, comparison, analysis and reporting;
  • advanced chatbots and many other novel options.

Our Expertise

These are the most sought after custom trading software applications that help our customers excel.

Custom Trading Platforms

We provide trading platform development services both for industry newcomers and professional traders. Such systems are easy to customize and integrate with target applications and services; efficient in processing real-time information and big volumes of business data; offer robust tools to sell and buy, automate reporting and support many other industry-specific tasks.

Mobile Trading Applications

The backbone of trading success is the ability to act at the right time and with the right tools. With advanced mobile trading apps from Softvelopers, our customers stay up to date with the latest market events, promptly react to price changes, have direct access to their accounts and all the market operations. The solutions are cross-platform and compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Analytical Applications

These smart systems precisely meet the needs of traders, brokers and others professionals. We also build personal finance software. Powered by deep learning algorithms and predictive analysis, these solutions function as perfect assistants in effective collecting, analyzing and visualizing of market data. The apps can be integrated with 3rd-party trading and BI software to equip end-users with powerful comparison and analytical tools for better planning and decision making.

Automated Trading Systems

Trading process is complex and rapid. To make you a great player, we automate many trading operations in your custom trading software. Thus, the gap between price change and reaction is reduced to the minimum. It is a big competitive edge over trading terminals that are deprived of automation and other brilliant features.

Why Us

  • Exceptional customer services underpinned by numerous testimonials of grateful customers.
  • Since 2000, our experts have been developing, customizing, deploying, integrating and maintaining custom systems for stock exchanges, banks, credit unions and some non-bank establishments.
  • We never mark time, but rather capture current trends and tendencies in fintech and try out new technologies. We are always poised to new challenging projects.
  • Our solutions are in strict compliance with financial and trading regulations, the customer’s business and IT requirements.
  • We always test the products before the delivery. Our QA specialists use the most appropriate tools and approaches.

Our Tech Stack

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