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Softvelopers has been employing Node.js in various projects since the technology emergence in 2009. Node.js remains a preferable development technology for start-ups, large companies and even IoT for many reasons. It allows building fast websites, custom rich APIs, real time apps. Support of intensive data exchange and prompt request responding, application portability between front- and back-end parts – our customers want this, and Node.js comes to rescue. Equipped with our knowledge of applying Node.js in combination with popular frameworks and libraries, we develop:

  • Real Time Applications
  • Microservices
  • Interactive Apps
  • Monitoring Dashboards
  • Plugins
  • Web APIs

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Node.js Benefits


Open Source

This technology is free to use and it has a wealth of modules and components developed by the flourishing community of JavaScript enthusiasts. By providing Node.js development services, we create a friendly environment for back-end and front-end scenarios, which allows developing fast and scalable network applications and different types of servers, e.g. TCP, HTTP.


Node.js can be scaled in two ways: vertical scaling implies adding extra resources to a single node, and the horizontal type means adding more nodes to the system. Both of these greatly aid in improving applications’ performance and the speed of response.

Lightweight and Fast

Node.js uses a non-blocking event-driven I/O model that makes it one of the most lightweight frameworks. The framework uses V8 JavaScript engine to process JavaScript code and compile it into the machine code directly. It allows the apps to work way faster and establishes a reliable connection with swift data exchange.

What We Offer


Custom Node.js App Development

Softvelopers has assembled a team of developers who know very well how to interpret customer ideas and requirements in order to create powerful, scalable and event-driven applications for any purpose.

Application Customization

We can customize any Node.js-based app components developed by a third party and make the solution fit particular business requirements. We extend the system by adding extra functional modules or customizing the existing ones, integrating it with other systems and so on.

Maintenance and Support

We use our domain expertise and Node.js development experience to render high-quality maintenance and support services. They are provided at a reasonable cost, and customers can select a service model most suitable to their needs.

Plugin Development

We develop plugins and use Ajax and for asynchronous data exchange between Node.js-based apps and back-ends. The connection is stable, yet lightweight thanks to Node.js’ ability to process asynchronous requests rapidly, which makes Node.js one of the best platforms for messengers, IoT, Big Data and others.

Why Us

  • Our company’s developers always stay on top of the latest updates in the open-source Node.js community.
  • We thoroughly test our software to ensure its quality before we deliver it.
  • Our customers are always aware of what is happening on their project.
  • We provide continuous support services throughout the whole development process.
  • Softvelopers team includes full-stack developers proficient in delivery of front-end and back-end solutions.

Domain Expertise






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