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Softvelopers strongly believes that close cooperation is a vital part of the development strategy. We support relationships based on integrity, trust and common vision and do our best to maintain a mutually beneficial partnership. We are proud to have valuable partners all around the globe who recognize and enjoy the quality of our products and services.

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Offshore Development Center

Offshore development center (ODC) is engaged for software development, testing and deployment. Proficient experts in many domains remotely work on your project, while you derive the benefits of fairly attractive development cost and absence of expenses associated with on-premise IT arrangements, saved time and streamlined business operations. What is more, Softvelopers is always open to provide consulting and guidance on any question you have.

Why ODC is a preferred business model for many of our customers:

  • Possibility to select the most appropriate skills to build your own team
  • Access to the best software development practice
  • Flexibility in cooperating both on short- and long-term basis
  • Development of turnkey solutions or enhancement of existing applications
  • QA and technical support

Start-Up Assistance

Start-up spirit is what we try to maintain at Softvelopers. It helps us to build synergy with new ventures, generate new knowledge and intellectual property and undertake collective initiatives for successful product introduction on the market. Our rich experience of working with the US patent office coupled with high quality of education of engineers enable us to generate innovative solutions for many industries.

We move hand in hand with our customers and partners at every project stage. Our business and development processes are mature and transparent for all the sides, backed up with a complete business plan, a clear product delivery plan, detailed specifications, thorough risk management and strong technological expertise. We grant our clients all the intellectual property rights on all the project deliverables and artifacts.

Softvelopers also provides assistance in project feasibility assessment, helps to search for investors and provides all the necessary documentation and a functioning prototype required for presentations. Our project estimations are accurate, reasonable and explainable.


Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Credible reputation proven by years of impeccable work
  • Flexible pricing policy and cost-efficient services
  • High competence in advanced technologies
  • Permanent quality orientation
  • Customer-centric approach

We understand that trustworthy partnership is of great value in today’s business. We professionally adjust our partnership options to the specific needs of your business. Let's get in touch to move to a new level together.

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