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Efficient data management is a key to do business better, with saved time, reduced risks and costs. Softvelopers develops custom Document Management (DM) solutions that respond to strong demands and high expectations of individuals and enterprises and become a valuable asset for secure and optimized information management. Having delivered robust solutions for healthcare, construction, transportation and logistics, finance and education, we know what ease of storage and retrieval, data consistency, compliance with various standards and platform compatibility mean to our customers. To produce best-in-class bespoke solutions, we apply good practices of such leading platforms as:

  • Documentum
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint

These platforms equip us with cutting-edge technologies that we vigorously employ to develop custom DM systems of various types:

  • On-premise systems that are cost-effective and store business documents on companies’ servers.
  • Hosted systems that boast scalability and can be accessed from various devices.
  • Enterprise solutions to manage paper and electronic document flows within an organization.
  • Personal software with a set of features to meet particular business needs.
  • Integrated software to function in tandem with other products used by individuals or enterprises.

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System Functionality

Our custom DM systems can be applied to automate and facilitate complex data processing. The solutions incorporate smart tools to handle intellectual capital efficiently and appropriately, thereby supporting systemized data management, full visibility into enterprise workflows and staff productivity.
We offer the following perks of user- and process-oriented solutions:


DM solutions allow for storage of documents that can be simply uploaded or directly scanned into a file system, database or both. Stored files are subjected to further indexing, which facilitates the management of document metadata and overall document flow processes.


This complex and powerful service is used to process stored documents. It enables intelligent search by basic or specific document identifiers or metadata. Built-in indexing enhances search performance in terms of search results precision and time saving.


Tracking of document versions becomes essential in companies with diverse information that is often modified by different users and maybe from different locations. DM systems with versioning enable employees to access, compare, reverse changes, add and view annotations.


With automated workflows companies streamline repetitive processes. It is possible to create workflow rules for documents distribution, tasks assignments, document sharing, revision and approvals, notifications and for many other purposes. All these actions can be backed up by mobile apps.


It is vital to keep documents secured by controlling accessibility. Access level can be set up per single file, folder, category, or even a dedicated workspace. Converted into digital copies, business records for legal compliance and other documents can be stored and managed in the most efficient and secure way.


DMS can be fully or partially integrated with 3rd-party products: CRM, ERP, intranet, extranet, advanced file sharing to accelerate document processing. Within a single environment, users can retrieve, edit and upload files directly to the DMS repository.

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  • We create document management solutions that precisely meet the objectives of our customers.
  • Our solid expertise covers solutions for electronic document management and paper document flow optimization.
  • We know how to develop systems that process a variety of document types: invoices, spreadsheets, templates, presentations, images and drawings.
  • Our document management software services include business analysis, specification and product development, testing and QA, technical support and maintenance.

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