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Knowledge Management (KM) is a discipline that enhances an organization’s ability to solve issues, adapt and progress to meet changing business requirements. KM helps organizations to capture knowledge concealed in a myriad of unstructured data and transform it into information valuable for business decision-making. Unlike Business Intelligence, KM software conducts analysis of available information and generates new knowledge on top of the existing one with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Softvelopers offers 17 years’ experience in supporting enterprises with a custom knowledge management systems. Leveraging the best KM development practices and advanced technologies, we create applications that ensure accurate knowledge creation, extraction, sharing and management.

Knowledge Management Key Components

Content Management

This is a turnover document system with advanced intellectual functions: content classification, existing content indexing for fast full-text or question-answer search.

Text Mining

The components of text mining with the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies allow intellectual processing of unstructured data in order to extract useful information and generate analytical reports.

Sentiment Analysis

Such analysis detects emotionally colored vocabulary and evaluates the author's opinion. It serves as an advanced tool for competitive and marketing analysis, assessment and management of possible risks.

Deep Learning

A combination of machine learning and NLP is a perfect means to deal with such data-related cases as natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision and more.

What We Offer

Our company’s experts do their utmost to transform your ideas and business needs into powerful software. We leverage a wide range of the latest cutting-edge technologies and tools in order to provide our clients with custom solution development services for various platforms.
It is important to assure the quality of KM applications before they are delivered to end-users. Timely quality assurance service with entire coverage of automated and manual tests allows for flawless performance of the solution and prompt resolution of unexpected issues.
The product maintenance and technical support services contribute to reliable and smooth functioning of KM solutions and prevent the system from operation errors. 24/7 maintenance service helps to tackle major and minor issues, re-engineer or improve the system’s functionality if required.
Research and development (R&D) outsourcing helps customers to invent and develop new intellectual property and test new technologies to do business better, work out strategies for access to new markets, retain customer loyalty and remain competitive.

Why Us

  • We have solid experience in providing custom knowledge management solution development services for various business domains.
  • Some of our customers enjoy a proprietary KM solution Intellexer.
  • Our custom development solutions are delivered in line with quality, time and cost commitments.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of business sensitive information.
  • Timely maintenance and support of our and third-party knowledge management solutions is a must service at our company.

How It Works

KM solutions solve a number of problems related to information overloads by providing effective tools for data analysis and administration. The power of knowledge management software significantly improves the company’s workflow and expands the capabilities of any enterprise software by introducing:


Knowledge Management Software Benefits

Softvelopers creates advanced knowledge management software development solutions that add value to the business strategy and deliver solid benefits:

Various industries opted for Knowledge Management applications to tackle their specific challenges:

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