Software Development Process

The software development methodology is essential for the whole project success as it defines project stages, activities and management tools. Yet, the methodology picked for one project may not be applicable in another case. It is important to consider and select the most suitable one out of a variety of different software development approaches.

Our Methodologies


  • This methodology is the right choice for those customers who have only a general idea of the software they want to have and would rather prefer flexible project management.
  • The scope of work is divided into sprints – iterations over certain time frames.
  • Project details are clarified within each iteration.
  • Each iteration delivers a piece of fully workable software.
  • Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks for implementing agile development.


  • Customers who know exactly what they want can benefit from the Waterfall methodology, providing developers with the exact requirements and other data before the project starts.
  • Such projects involve business and system specifications usage from the very start.
  • Each project is divided into phases that do not overlap – each phase starts when the previous one is completed.
  • The budget is also determined from the very start – customers have no unexpected expenses.

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid

  • This powerful mix of methodologies is suitable for a project with a few of requirements specified (for example, only functional ones), while the rest of requirements need elaboration in the course of the project.

Software Development Process

We strive to turn the customer's vision of the product and project into a successful outcome. Our ongoing assistance is provided throughout the entire product lifecycle:



The goals of the main inception stage:

  • Determining ballpark costs
  • Preparing a project schedule
  • Estimating the project feasibility



The primary goal of this stage is to determine how to build a new system by taking into account the budget, time and technology requirements. Activities involved:

  • Outline of known and possible risks
  • System specification development to describe the system architecture
  • Creation of a business specification and business plan
  • Precise estimation where applicable
  • Development of a project and delivery plan
  • Preparing a staffing and communication plan
  • Creation of testing and configuration management plan



The development process takes place according to the preferable approach and plans defined above:

  • Waterfall development
  • Scrum development
  • Mixed approaches and methodologies
  • Dedicated Development Center with a custom methodology



Quality Assurance is an essential part of the software development process. We perform:

  • Manual tests
  • Regression testing
  • Automated tests
  • Compatibility/configuration testing and more


Delivery and Acceptance

As soon as we have assured the quality of the product, we are ready to deliver a turnkey solution to our customer. Some minor refinements are possible at this stage.

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