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With a variety of evolving knowledge creation and publishing tools, it is hard to imagine modern education without digital content. Different types of education and e-learning applications are successfully used in school, academic and business environments to diversify and perfect traditional classroom learning, also provide centralized online training for distant learners and scattered workforce.

CBT (computer based training) and WBT (web based training) systems were among our first education projects, so we know how to create comprehensive multimedia courses, tests and curricula, how to automate progress tracking, support role-based access and accurate material presentation, provide instant communication and high engagement of all the participants.

Leveraging our strong technological expertise, we offer custom desktop, web and mobile education solutions development to satisfy specific needs of:

  • Educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities
  • Training centers
  • R&D departments
  • Publishing houses
  • LMS providers
  • Enterprises with training programs

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Custom Education Software for Teachers

Teachers are always on the lookout for advanced and apt methods to make teaching more effective and interesting. Skillfully using up-to-date development technologies, we create feature-rich education applications for teachers and educators, assisting them in efficient planning of a curriculum, tracking learners' progress, managing attendance and classroom activities and so on. Whether you need a mobile app, a networked solution, or a customized third-party e-learning application, we are ready to give a hand and develop desired functionality:

  • Online theoretical and practical courses with advanced authoring tools
  • Digital gradebooks with embedded learners' profiles
  • Lesson, syllabus, and attendance templates
  • Classroom announcements, birthday notifications and event newsletters
  • Collaboration tools: IM chats, audio-video conferencing, shared whiteboards, group discussions
  • Behavior rewarding programs

Custom E-Learning Solutions for Students

The higher engagement of students, the better their results. Our tech-savvy specialists were once students too and know what might drive interest to studies: comprehensive material, well worked out tests, and a bit of fun. Whatever the learner's grade, we develop appealing learner-focused and progress-oriented solutions. It can be a separate module in a school application or a distant learning platform, a mobile e-learning app, or standalone desktop education software highlighting:

  • Access to theory, exercises, and e-library stuff
  • Assistance in subjects with tutorials, personalized coaching and playful tips
  • GPA calculator, progress tracking and motivational quizzes and games
  • Printable class schedules, homework and student planners
  • Pocket money manager
  • Worksheet templates

School Management Solutions for Principals

The overall success of the teaching-learning process primarily depends on how well the entire educational system is built and managed starting from lesson planning up to collaboration between teachers, students, and parents. To make everyone happy, we develop and integrate custom education solutions for school administration enabling them to:

  • Manage human resources
  • Prepare timetables
  • Track admissions and attendance
  • Manage school and other external events
  • Control school transportation
  • Manage school facility assets and inventory
  • Solve fiscal problems
  • Send newsletters to teachers, students and parents

Employee Training Software

The backbone of any enterprise success is its people, their knowledge and contributions. To accelerate employee onboarding, training, and promotion within a company, we offer the development of powerful and foolproof custom online training systems that streamline staff engagement and management decision-making. Why not offer nice perks of e-learning to your employees:

  • Reduced training costs, no investments into classrooms and coaches
  • A unified virtual environment for dispersed teams
  • Level-based and results-driven training
  • Multimedia and platform-compatible content
  • Skills assessment and career planning
  • Localized interface and training material for international companies

Online Learning Platforms

E-learning is gaining its popularity today among schools, universities, businesses and individuals. It provides everything you need to start and complete learning without leaving your room or while being on the move:

  • Connectivity to subject matter experts and other learners
  • Access to theoretical and training material
  • Video and audio conferences
  • Customization options according to your learning goals

Learning Management Systems

The way you create and deliver learning material to your students defines their engagement and progress. Sticking to the latest development trends and your needs in education, we produce ultimate LMSs that might include:

  • Powerful authoring tools to create responsive textual and media content
  • Material publishing, feedback and results collection
  • Automated calculation of learners' results
  • Administering of users, their privileges and courses
  • Integration capabilities with third-party systems

Why Us

  • As a premier e-learning development company, Softvelopers boasts a blend of more than a decade experience, creativity and passion for what we do.
  • Our developers, UX engineers and UI designers, QA specialists and specialists with a pedagogical background are at your disposal, whatever the complexity and scale of your education and e-learning project.
  • The quality of our work is underpinned by numerous positive feedbacks from our customers worldwide.

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