Logistics and Transportation Software Solutions

Softvelopers has 17 years of experience in custom logistics and transportation management software development. We build desktop, mobile, web applications and websites to meet major challenges that the logistics and transportation industry faces. Our logistics software solutions serve business owners and their customers in good stead, providing top-class assistance in management of:


  • Refrigerated ISO
  • Tunnel
  • Dry storage
  • Flat rack
  • Open top


  • Land
  • Sea
  • Air


  • Liquid bulk
  • Dry bulk
  • Refrigerated food
  • Passengers

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What We Offer


Management Solutions

Logistics business owners and employees benefit from using management software as it helps them in:

  • management of fleets, vehicles and other inventory;
  • tracking loads and vehicles in real time;
  • management of customers, orders and payments;
  • maintaining organization compliance;
  • optimizing transit transportation.


Mapping & Navigation Software

Mapping and navigation software development for managing and tracking vehicles on the road, ensuring transportation security.
Such solutions are used for:

  • marine navigation;
  • air and land transport tracking;
  • location identification;
  • digital map managing.


Reporting & BI Software

Reporting and business intelligence solutions are important business tools as they allow information specialists to:

  • monitor available transport;
  • access transport KPIs;
  • provide better data visibility;
  • streamline decision making;
  • store financial data.


Accounting Solutions

Accounting software for logistics and transportation can automate the entire financial processes. Such software solutions assist in:

  • assigning freights;
  • tracking credits;
  • calculating revenue and expenses;
  • managing financial documentation.


Planning & Booking Software

Planning and booking software help deal with such specific tasks as:

  • scheduling and re-scheduling vehicle movements in real time;
  • resource control and planning;
  • supply chain optimization;
  • order forecasts;
  • flexible vehicle and driver planning;
  • warehouse load planning.


Warehouse Management Solutions

Warehouse management systems provide full visibility into inventory management, enabling personnel to:

  • manage inbound and outbound goods;
  • monitor inventory movements and replenishments;
  • organize and optimize space utility;
  • record and report any divergences.

Why Us

  • We develop intelligent and secure custom logistics and transportation management software, providing end-to-end productivity and workflows optimization.
  • Our custom software satisfies the needs of every industry subsector and transportation mode, be it a small courier service or a large international logistics company.
  • Softvelopers delivers fully-fledged solutions that cover everything from route planning to invoicing.
  • Our company’s logistics software development solutions provide full control over the supply chain, order delivery, financial operations and more.

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