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Softvelopers offers its vast expertise in providing customers with QA and consulting services for projects of any scale and scope. Our QA lab is fully equipped with tools, devices and know-how necessary for both manual and automated testing. Softvelopers' quality assurance and testing services comply with ISO 9001-2000 requirements. In 2015 we were included in the Top Software Testing Firms list by Clutch.

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Types of QA and testing services we offer


A part of the development process

Software QA service accompanies each development milestone. Depending on the application nature and its requirements, we select the most appropriate testing types to eventually ensure trouble-free introduction of the solution to end users. We guarantee that our customers get ultimate solutions, which help them to excel expeditiously.

Standalone service

Whether you have a ready solution and want to assess its quality or need QA assistance in the current development project, we are ready to render a corresponding service. We pick the most industry- and domain-competent QA specialists who will provide you with detailed testing results and timely reports to keep you aware of the ongoing progress.

Our QA Lab

There is no need to invest into a dedicated QA department in your organization to get easily trackable and first-rate software quality assurance services. Our top-expert QA Lab smoothly extends your team and professionally manages the quality of the target application. You won’t feel the distance as we share our project environment, report regularly and keep you informed about every bug we find while performing software testing. On top of that, our company’s QA lab is fully stocked with diverse hardware, devices and toolkit to ensure the best quality assurance coverage.

Testing Types We Offer

Prior to providing the quality assurance service itself, we examine all the requirements of the application, customer's environment and specific business needs. This allows us to select the most appropriate testing types in order to render cost- and time-effective service.


Load/Performance Testing

Performance testing emulates required conditions and verifies how well the system remains responsive and stable under various workloads and conditions, such as speed, scalability, resource usage. Load tests help to check the system capabilities to tolerate high loads of user requests. We create and carry out load test cases for web and client-server applications.

Compatibility/Configuration Testing

These testing types are vital when it is necessary to check how the solution performs in different environments, under various configurations of hardware, software, operating systems, networks and so on. We have enough resources in our QA lab to create any environment needed for comprehensive compatibility/configuration testing.

Installation/Portability Testing

We examine packaged and distributed applications on the subject of correct installation and deployment workflow and further flawless performance of solutions. Portability tests help to check whether the system can be transferred to another environment seamlessly. The following portability requirements are tested: processor speed, disk space, monitor resolution and other.

Stress/Volume Testing

Volume testing is important for applications that constantly deal with large amounts of incoming data. Stress tests help to examine how the system behaves in such stressful conditions as shortage of memory or disk space, DoS attacks, peak loads. It is essential to identify and correct the system weaknesses in advance in order to avoid crash and data loss in the future.

Security Testing

Any application should be protected from information leakage, cyberattacks and other malicious breaches. We check cookies substitution, SQL, HTML/DHTML injection, password safety, backdoors in code, access permission settings, encryption of critical data, firewall settings, and many other parameters.

Localization Testing

This type is recommended if the application is aimed for multilingual audience. We check the linguistic and cultural aspects of the systems in GUI, system interactivity with users, messages and errors display, adherence to specific standards and norms.

Testing and Review of Functional Requirements

Technical documentation review is a must for any project. It helps to identify all possible inconsistencies and missing requirements before they affect the code. We follow our internal checklists and guidelines and guarantee high-quality reviewing.

UX/UI Testing

To assure the best user experience and engagement, we also thoroughly examine graphical user interfaces for web, desktop and mobile apps. The resulting attractiveness and ease of use of any software product primarily depends on a well-designed and accurately tested UI. We perform manual and automated UI testing.

Functional and Regression Testing

These two types are closely interrelated. While functional testing aims at verification of each single function of the system, GUI, APIs, databases, client-server interactions, regression testing checks whether any modification in the system doesn’t result in regression of other functions. Regression testing is especially vital in case of significant software enhancements, patches and configuration changes and right before the product release.

Automated and Manual Testing

By augmenting automated testing, bugs are discovered faster, which allows to save time and money. However, not everything in the application can be automatically checked as there are some specific cases that need thorough manual checking. We know which approach to select per case, and which tools for test cases generation and execution, bug and task reporting to apply.

Why Work with Us

  • Flexible management. We grant our customers the freedom to choose skilled QA specialists, define the team size and their workload.
  • Cost advantages. Softvelopers relieves you of tedious search for professional testers. Our QA lab is already there to work on your project, delivering value and quality at a reasonable cost.
  • Premium services. On demand we provide full-cycle QA services from documentation review, quality assessment to final delivery and even subsequent support.

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