Maintenance and Support

Software development projects do not come to an end once the product is delivered. It is vital to ensure afterwards that a ready application functions properly and flawlessly in native environment and there is always a predictable response time and prompt resolution in case of any issue and at a reasonable cost.

Software maintenance and around-the-clock IT support services from Softvelopers help our customers keep up to date with the latest product and security enhancements, guarantee fast problem resolution and continuous monitoring, and ultimately stay productive, keeping downtime to a minimum. We offer our services at no additional cost during the warranty period and under a Service Level Agreement.

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What We Do


Support Software

Our software support services help to solve technical problems of any complexity, enhance system productivity, improve security, reduce total cost of ownership, render timely assistance in dealing with critical or routine tasks. We provide support services for custom and 3rd party solutions.

Maintain Applications

Before end-users start using your application, it is important to make some checks in advance: whether the solution is secure enough or target environment has required resources and latest OS. Softvelopers is ready to give you actionable advice on the right infrastructure, help with application launch and settings monitoring. We also deliver updates and optimize systems.

Monitor System Parameters

We monitor how the system is functioning and regularly check its performance status, schedule backups and perform data recovery, if required. Management of event and security logs is a must in Softvelopers service. Our experts know which measures to undertake to prevent your systems from going down, memory from reaching the limit and servers from experiencing overloads.

Support Planning and Transition

To determine whether particular software or an application needs technical support, we conduct dedicated inspection and document its outcome, including found issues and recommended enhancements, a resolution plan and a list of specialists involved in the process of maintenance and quality tracking. The document may be used as terms of Service Level Agreement.

Offer DevOps Solutions

DevOps methodology implies continuous software testing, monitoring, release and optimization and focuses on automating the software delivery and infrastructure changes to boost the whole development process.

Why Us

  • 17 years of experience in IT support and maintenance of our own and third-party software systems.
  • Availability of different support levels and models.
  • Predictable ticket resolution. Respond/resolve time limits are established in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • We can work with customers from different time zones.
  • Cost reduction and greater ROI. There is no need to invest into resources and infrastructure for an internal team.

What We Offer


Warranty Period

During the warranty period, IT support experts deal with any software issues and customer claims. They carry out workarounds, fix defects, introduce essential product modifications and make upgrades.

Block Hours (Subscription) Model

Customers can take advantage of pre-paid IT support services. This way, you make a one-time purchase for a fixed number of service hours at a settled price and enjoy assistance at any time and without any delays.

Pay As You Go Model

This post-warranty IT support model is a perfect choice for those clients who do not want to make up-front payment for software maintenance, as there is no fixed charge and costs vary on a case-by-case basis. The service covers help desk services, break/fix support and software update issues.

Dedicated Support Team

Some businesses need a dedicated center to have regular sessions of remote technical support and/or help desk activities: infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, security audit, and more. A work schedule of the support team can be adjusted to different time zones if needed.

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