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You have a business that you expect to run smoothly without big investments into IT infrastructure and associated resources. Today cloud offers a cost-efficient and optimal virtualized combination of software and hardware to align it with your specific business needs. It is possible to select the most appropriate computing, storage and network solutions and scale the service whenever such a demand arises. Offering our strong competence in a range of cloud-based services, we help you assess the feasibility of applicable services and work out the best solution for your company. Our expertise covers:

  • Public cloud systems hosted on a third party provider with shared resources
  • Community cloud for organizations with sensitive data and business-critical operations
  • Hybrid solutions that consist of integrated clouds

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

image_Scalability and Reliability

Scalability and Reliability

Many organizations regardless of their size and industry opt for cloud computing platforms, for instance, Microsoft Azure, as these platforms boast advanced scalability and high reliability. In case of application failure or predictable over-performance, cloud automatically distributes the overload between instances without impact on the overall performance.

Lower Maintenance Costs

It is a perfect choice also for the applications with unpredictable load and dynamic capacity requirements. The cloud infrastructure harnesses as much computing power in real time as necessary. The infrastructure is shared by a number of users and payment is only required when the capacity of servers is occupied by computing processes.

image_Lower Maintenance Costs
image_Availability and Mobility

Availability and Mobility

Such model offers minimal management effort for the enterprises that want to move their processes to the cloud in order to streamline operational efficiency and make business information available for their employees, partners and clients from anywhere and at any time. Ease of data access and exchange from portable devices, better work-life balance, increased engagement – these are just a few perks of hosted solutions.

Our Custom Cloud Computing Services



Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to remote software delivery upon request. The solution is hosted in the cloud and access is provided via the Internet. SaaS is widely used among healthcare and engineering enterprises as it allows them to decrease costs, save time, easily update and maintain the solutions.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud-based environment that is used for distant development, running and management of diverse applications. Enterprises benefit from using PaaS as it relieves them from capital expenditures on hardware and upgrades.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the range of cloud services that provide customers with servers, data warehouses, networks, operating systems for independent software development, deployment, launch and management.

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Cloud Computing Implementation

When opting for cloud services, it is vital to consider the specifics of your business and a number of requirements related to data volumes and storage capacity, security, maintenance and communication aspects. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services and different platforms (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud, etc.) allow creating solutions that are easy to access and use. Softvelopers experts know how to properly implement such projects, avoid different pitfalls and minimize risks and disruptions.

Cloud Migration

[sv_domains header="Maintenance and Support Services " image="1779" ]The complicated task of interoperability between various devices makes it difficult to connect dynamic applications, services and data. Cloud computing helps its users address their integration challenges by offering reliable, manageable and scalable tools. As a custom cloud computing solutions company, we carefully work out requirements for the cloud environment and ensure application’s stable communication and interoperation. To enable handy interaction with the new environment, we also develop Cloud APIs.

Why Us

  • More than 10 years of experience in custom cloud computing solutions development provided by certified professionals
  • Fast, reliable and affordable custom solutions that satisfy the most rigorous business needs
  • Proficient in Azure, Amazon, Rackspace and Google Cloud development and deployment
  • High-level security, timely maintenance and support of our custom solutions

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