has been on the IT market since 2000 and has served hundreds of mid- and large-sized companies across many industries worldwide. We develop, customize and integrate desktop, web and mobile applications by leveraging our vast tech expertise, years of practical experience, talent and dedication to what we do.

As a mission-driven company, we understand that a happy employee wins a happy customer. Softvelopers invests much into employee certification, incentive programs, caring and effective teamwork pulling all together. We continuously keep our customers in the loop of project achievements and work hard until their idea becomes a reality.

Our Competitive Edge


Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers and their growth are of paramount importance to us. Before we put our hands on coding, we carefully examine every objective and the specifics of your business and the market you are operating on. This gives our team a valuable insight into how to help you decrease overheads, boost operational efficiency and competitiveness. We guarantee the confidentiality of any sensitive information involved in the project.

Best Methodologies

Every project is unique, so is the selection of business and development approaches. We use a variety of methodologies and their combinations to better cater to your business plans and budget. For a product vulnerable to emergent changes because of few requirements, we apply Agile Scrum. If you have a definite budget and a clear vision of what you want in the end, we turn to Waterfall. In some cases, a hybrid Agile-Waterfall approach is a perfect choice.


Win-to-Win Collaboration

Whatever the project scope and the distance that separates us, our team is always available for ad hoc meetings, videoconferencing and calls to answer any question you have. Due to our flexibility of working with customers from different time zones, we ensure seamless project run, timely feedback and prompt knowledge sharing. Our customers turn to us for any piece of competent advice and professional consulting they need and we are happy to be of avail.

Blend of Talents

Most of our specialists have technical backgrounds and engineering degrees. At our company, a lot of attention is paid to the professional growth and job satisfaction of employees, and we continuously help them achieve new heights. In our team, we have skilled Microsoft Certified and Java Sun Certified developers and architects, QA engineers and testers, who have gained ISTQB certificates.


Project Transparency

We do release a working piece of code as early as we can to let all the project stakeholders verify whether it works as expected. This way, we minimize the risks associated with the wrong requirements coverage, delivery of incomplete or belated solutions and extra costs because of redevelopment. Regular reporting, prototyping, specifications, ongoing communication and QA processes - these are key factors that make our activities comprehensive and qualitative.

Engagement Models

Product Development

Product Development

We develop software products, web and mobile applications for end-users and corporate use under the terms of a Fixed Price model. It implies a detailed specification, exact project time frames and deliverables, which remain unchangeable until the project ends. Waterfall is often the most suitable development methodology in this case, but Scrum is an option as well. Fixed Price covers development, customization, QA, support and maintenance, deployment and implementation.
Service Delivery

Service Delivery

If you wish to have a specific service, such as design, QA, development or technical support only, we start our collaboration under the Time & Material model. You are charged for the work we have done on a weekly or monthly basis. This model is ideal for customers whose requirements are dynamic and the team size, workload and project duration need to be modified. More room for flexibility and postponing tasks without freezing the development.
Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

A virtual team of skillful specialists who work on your project remotely under a full control from your side. You have access to a dedicated IT and project infrastructure and interact with team members according to your needs. This model is of great benefit for the customers who lack local talents, wish to cost-efficiently expand their in-house team, avoid extra expenses and overcome time pressure. You pay a weekly or monthly charge for the work done.
  • 17+
    17+ years of experience in the IT-field
  • 140+
    140+ in-house software development experts
  • 17+
    1500+ projects in different business domains
  • 140+
    500+ clients across the globe

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Our employees are our most valuable potential. So the company continuously invests in their development, training and sports activities, pays for professional education.
  • We regularly hold such corporate educational events as Knowledge Sharing Evenings, during which the experts in the subject matter share their knowledge and practical experience with newcomers or those who need ace knowledge.
  • We provide students with internships and first job opportunities, train them and engage in pilot projects.
  • We have our own R&D team that brings a significant contribution to project at different stages.
  • The company provides medical insurance to all employees.

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