Portfolio Project - WinCMSExplorer

WinCMSE is a proprietary utility developed for the management of the web site content in a prompt and reliable manner. The idea of the utility development was challenged by the inconvenience of the manual update of the web-site content. Even the replacement of one word across multiple web pages was already time-confusing. The workflow was unproductive as a result.

WinCMSE incorporates the functionality to meet the most common development needs, including:

  • Replacement of text in all postings available
  • Custom property value assignment for users and placeholders
  • Spellchecking, and some more

The advantageous feature of the utility is that it includes the most of the Publishing API functionality. In addition, the solution is scalable. The development of a special engine for content handling in the form of scripts is our next goal at the utility enhancement stage.

Project metrics

Total project development time 2,5 months
Lines of code C# 7000
Tools used MS Visual Studio .NET
Technologies used C# (Windows Forms), Microsoft CMS