Portfolio Project - Semantic Tool Online (STOnline)

Semantic Tool Online (STOnline) is used by linguists for Ontology database creation and management. (The Ontology database is part of an Ontology-based search engine.)


  • Administration
  • Dictionary
  • Ontology database management
  • Statistics
  • History log
  • Ontology import/export


  • Search synset
  • Search by word
  • Search by regular expression
  • Search by ID of synset
  • Ontology tree view
  • Change history log
  • Ontology import/export
  • Ontology export to “old” format

Operations on synset:

  • Add new synset
  • Delete synset
  • Add word to synset
  • Editing of description, samples for synset
  • Add parent to existing synset
  • Delete parent
  • Change parent
  • Delete all parents
  • Add synset to deleted synset list
  • Add word from synset to deleted word list

Operations at the synset tree:

  • Add new synset
  • Delete child branch

Project metrics

Total project development time 1+ years
Lines of code 16 132 C#&ASP code; approximately 4 000 SQL code
Tools used MS SQL Server 2000, MS Visual Studio.NET 2003, Power Designer
Technologies used ASP.NET, JavaScript


Semantic Tool Online
Semantic Tool Online
Semantic Tool Online
Semantic Tool Online
Semantic Tool Online