Sport Center Website

This Sport Center offers a comprehensive daily program of fitness classes for ladies of different ages. The idea of the site is to attract the visitor's attention to such available fitness classes as a standard training hi-lo or, step forward with the newest trends, yoga, simple cycling classes, and or tae-bo. In addition, the site provides an online cooperation with the attendees of the fitness classes, search possibilities, and some more.

The main feature of the website:

  • Advanced online services
  • User schedule
  • User-remainder system
  • User- planning system
  • Highlighted services engine
  • News engine
  • Newsletter engine
  • Ads engine
  • Content Management System

Project metrics

Total project development time 4 months
Lines of code PHP/Perl – 16237, HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 5220
Tools used MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office
Technologies used PHP, PERL, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript