Portfolio Project - Routine Business Registration

The project was developed for a Swedish trading company Scandinavian Kyl&Frys AB. This project is designed for recording staff business activities and managing supplemental information in the company.

Major program features include:

  • Storing customer data: company name, contact person 1, contact person 2, regular phone and mobile numbers, e-mail address, fax, p/o box, street and house number, ZIP code, city, region in Sweden, membership number (in Swedish companies), company institutional number, customer description (building company, real estate owner, private person, uninterested person, etc.). All items are searchable. The search results can be printed.

  • Managing regular calls: since the company employees make calls to clients, there is a feature for entering the date and subject of the call (a few sentences), who has made the call and when he is supposed to call again. At the beginning of the day, when an employee turns on his computer, he is given a list of clients to call today, in order to control regular calling. At the end of the day, a list of missing calls of all employees is transferred to the manager or relevant person.

  • Tracking the distribution of the following documents to the customers: brochures, monthly proposals, and business proposals.

  • Printing С4 and С5 envelopes.

  • Letterheads registration and printing: invoices and business proposals.

  • Stock goods movement accounting (receipts and expenditures).

  • Managing user access rights.

The product includes the following modules:

Administrator module

which is used for registering the users of the Client module and managing their access rights for various functions, including:

  • User roles administration
  • Bad user administration
  • Document permission administration

Client module

which is the basic module the company employees work with. It implements the following functions:

Customer support:

  • Telephone calls registration
  • Telephone calls schedule
  • Invoice form
  • Business proposal form
  • Advertising campaign registration form

Supplemental information:

  • Customer reference book
  • Printing envelopes, labels, and banking details
  • Product catalogue
  • Trade mark catalogue


  • Receipts and expenditure accounting
  • Sales reports
  • Stocks reports

Printable forms:

  • Business proposal
  • Invoice
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Customer list
  • Envelope C4
  • Envelope C5
  • Stocks report (type 1)
  • Stocks report (type 2)
  • Sales report (type 1)
  • Sales report (type 2)
  • Customer list (bank information)
  • Customer black-list
  • Telephone calls schedule
  • Customer label list
  • Telephone calls list

Project metrics

Total project development time 3 month
Lines of code about 12,000 code lines and 2,000 SQL-script lines
Tools used Builder C++, MS SQL Server 2000, Power Designer
Technologies used Win API, Client/Server


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