Portfolio Project - Flex Programming

Gas station is a statistics application for the management of fuel gas sales in time and volume. It was our first development project with the usage of the Flex technology. Nevertheless, the project was a success. The powerful coding capabilities of the Flex technology allowed the software developers complete the project within the customer's requested time frames, which seemed to be a very critical point at the beginning.

The functionality of the Gas station system incorporates:

  • Easy-to-use navigation between the statistics of different gas pumps
  • Tables and charts, dynamically displaying the data about fueled gas in real time
  • Online demo, visually simulating the life of the gas station, where the behavior of the vehicles automatically reacts upon the operation of the gas pump

Project metrics

Total project development time 0,5 months
Lines of code PHP/Perl - 3251, HTML/JavaScript - 192, Flex2/ActionScript3 - 644, Flash/ActionScript- 495
Tools used MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office, Flex Builder 2, Flash, Zend
Technologies used PHP, MySQL, HTML/JavaScript, Flash, Flex


Gas station demo