Electronic Sight Draft PSP Project

Quasi Money System is a deployed project as a part of Payment Platform. The main goal of the project was to create a secure online payment system to manage the transactions between a service provider and a client. 24/7 availability, reliability and scalability are the main system requirements.

The software system consists of 2 primary applications:

  • Customer application
  • Administration application

Administration application allows to:

  • Manage merchants
  • Manage payments
  • Perform fraud monitoring
  • Manage financial statistics

Customer application allows end users to:

  • Manage web-resources
  • Manage payments
  • View statistics and perform reporting

Project metrics

Total project development time 4 months
Lines of code C - 63642, PHP/Perl – 69863; HTML/CSS/JavaScript - 57121
Tools used MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visio, Sybase Power Designer, MS Office
Technologies used GNU C, PHP, PERL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Load-balancer, Clusterization