Softvelopers is a large offshore development group of software engineers and professionals in different technical domains. Focusing on both your goals and product effectiveness, we have the flexibility to manage and adjust our group infrastructure as needed for a project or strategy.

The Softvelopers team has all of the specialists necessary to successfully complete projects, from simple to complex:

  • Software engineers
  • Project managers
  • System analysts
  • Business analysts
  • GUI designers
  • QA engineers
  • System administrators
  • Graphic designers
  • Technical writers
  • Translators and other personnel

All of our company members:

  • Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the Sciences
  • Speak English
  • Have at least four years of domain-specific experience

Softvelopers offers our clients a wide range of IT services. Depending upon the scope and terms of the project, we form a team of specialists necessary to successfully carry out the services required. Five years of experience in offshore software development have demonstrated our reliability and responsibility, as well as our high level of business etiquette, in relation to our customers, terms and schedules.

Softvelopers pays significant attention to the professional promotion of all company members. Each of them enjoys the possibility of attending in-house English courses in keeping with their current knowledge level. Softvelopers has a rich library of technical literature and training aids, and provides intranet access to the corporate knowledge management system.