Offshore Development Center

Softvelopers provides the services of our Offshore Development Center, a virtual team of software engineers tailored to customers’ business needs and project requirements. The mission of the center is to remotely perform development and testing tasks, while the remaining portion of project management, monitoring and control are completed onsite by the customer.

Softvelopers’ roles

To form an offshore development center in agreement with the customer

  • To evaluate the team
  • To assign personnel resources: software engineers, system architects, designers, quality assurance team
  • To negotiate and estimate the skills of the team members

To provide technical and physical resources:

  • Physical facilities
  • Hardware and software products

To provide the means for seamless communication:

  • Internet channel
  • Telephone lines
  • Instant messaging systems

To manage the task reports of each assigned team member.

Benefits of working with the Offshore Development Center:

  • Man-hour estimations at an appealing rate.
  • The working hours of the Offshore Development Center are adjusted to the customer’s business hours.
  • Onsite design of project requirements and technical documentation.
  • A team infrastructure that is scalable or downsized if the project requirements are dynamic.
  • Contact with each team member.
  • No matter what the scope and duration of the project, Softvelopers guarantees the confidentiality of all tasks, processes and private information involved in the outsourcing service. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed.
  • A transparent and proven development workflow, including document management, task report tracking, and on-time delivery.

The model of interactions between the customer and our Offshore Development Center is negotiable.

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