Internet/Intranet Software Development

Softvelopers has extensive experience in providing Internet and Intranet software development services. This includes requirements analysis, development, integration, and maintenance of corporate Internet/Intranet systems. Focusing on your business goals, Softvelopers is committed to delivering tangible solutions to reduce communication costs, establish effective workflow controls, and consolidate corporate knowledge management.

Internet/Intranet Software Development Services:

  • Client/Server application development
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  • Distributed application development
  • Corporate document management systems
  • Corporate knowledge management systems
  • Intranet search engine development
  • Question-and-answer systems
  • Internet/Intranet collaboration tools

Programming Languages and Technologies

  • C/C++/GNU C/Java/.NET
  • RMI
  • Java Servlets / JSP
  • PHP
  • CGI / Perl
  • Client/Server
  • Distributed Processing
  • Macromedia Flash / Action Script
  • MySQL / InnoDB / PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL / Microsoft Access
  • Interbase
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Informix
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

You can find a detailed description of our work in our Portfolio.

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