How We Work

If you want to begin using offshore software development services, you can easily start your cooperation with Softvelopers. It is traditionally assumed that customers must know exactly what kind of software they need, the manner in which it is to be developed and maintained, etc. Softvelopers believes that this requirement is unnecessary. The first step is simply to contact us to express your ideas and wishes for the product. In continuous contact with you, Softvelopers analyzes your business goals, shares a vision of the product and its objectives, and finally prepares a business proposal. Thus, you start a project with Softvelopers.

A project includes the complete product development life cycle, from conception until a tangible solution is ready, including:

  • Project commencement

    Analysis of the product requirements, design of a product specification and prototyping, discussion of project efforts, and signing of a business contract, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA);

  • Project execution

    Execution of software development and quality assurance processes, development of end-user documentation package and administration guides;

  • Project completion

    Software release and its delivery to the customer;

  • Product maintenance and support

    Technical support of a product, release of updated products and new versions.

For all the stages of project development, Softvelopers uses leading methodologies and state-of-the-art tools to successfully complete the project on time and within budget, without sacrificing product quality.