For Partners

Softvelopers continually considers all partnership offers. We are a dynamic offshore software development company with wide experience with customers from different countries, including the USA, Germany, Sweden, etc.

We are interested in extending our presence in these and other regions.

  • IT consultants

    If you are an IT consultant or the head of an IT department in a large company, this offer is for you. We offer a simple and transparent program with which your company will be able to save up to 70 percent of its development costs or reduce its IT expenditures. Let’s have a look at how your competitors work. More than 50 percent of software development facilities have been transferred offshore. It is becoming harder and harder for your company to stand the pressure of its competitors. So give them a worthy answer: reduce development costs, improve quality, and speed up your projects. Ask for information about Softvelopers partnership program to learn how to do all of this.

  • IT Agents

    We are looking for outsourcing partners that know how to work with offshore software development companies. We are very competitive, taking into account our low prices, high-quality service and professionalism.

  • Regional representatives

    Softvelopers is creating a network of regional representatives worldwide. If you are an experienced IT manager and know your local IT market well, become our regional representative. You will represent the interests of one of the most dynamic and progressive IT companies in Eastern Europe. If you become our regional representative today, you will not only promote the most competitive custom software development services, but you can also become the head of one of our new regional offices.