Software Development Services

Softvelopers offers a wide range of custom software development services for various industry domains. Softvelopers' expertise in executing offshore projects includes requirements analysis, the design of a product specification, product development, product testing, and technical support. At the customer’s request, we deliver off-the-shelf software with end-user documentation, including an embedded Help system, User guides, flash presentations, tutorials, etc.

Being a provider of custom software application development services, we specialize in the following 3 major areas:

The benefits of cooperation with Softvelopers:

  • Reasonable prices for our services.

    Our clients have already experienced the advantages of offshore software development.

  • Flexible project management.

  • Investment appeal.

    Step-by-step realization of a software solution allows the customer to gradually invest in the project. Moreover, a 100 percent working solution is delivered to the customer at each stage of the product life cycle, thus enabling the customer to profit from it.

  • Quality, security and confidentiality.

    In all corporate areas, Softvelopers establishes standards for security, confidentiality and quality.