Why Softvelopers?

  • Experience

    Softvelopers has gained rich experience in the development of custom business applications. For five years, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects on time and within budget. We know how to organize our efforts to complete projects of different complexity and scope.

  • More than 120 software engineers

    Softvelopers employs a team of more than 120 highly skilled software engineers. Such an optimal number of employees allows the company to complete complex IT projects on schedule.

  • Affordable price

    Softvelopers provides high-quality offshore software development services. We offer our custom business application development services at affordable prices in comparison with our competitors. The combination of high service quality and reasonable prices reduces the risk of project failure and provides an appealing investment for our customers.

  • Communication

    Softvelopers is always available online for the convenience of our clients. We use such modern communication technologies as teleconferences, live support systems, instant messaging systems, and telephone lines with many extensions. Each company member speaks English; some speak German, Italian or French.

    Our work schedule enables us to communicate with European customers in real time. For customers from other regions, we adjust the work schedule of our teams to maximize the communication time with our clients.

  • Product analysis and system architecture optimization

    A project begins by shaping the project ideology to ensure a common vision on the project between the customer and our company. This initially involves product analysis, our assistance in the design of technical documentation (including product requirements, specifications, system architecture, etc.) and product prototyping. With our rich experience in various industry domains, we are able to optimize a product architecture in regards to cost, scheduling, and quality.

  • Project management

    It is of great importance for us to keep our customers informed during the project execution. Well-tuned project management allows the customer to track the product development life cycle, freely discuss project-related issues, and efficiently influence the project. Our development process is flexible and can be adjusted to customer requirements.

  • Risk management

    Softvelopers pays special attention to risk management during a project. Company management thoroughly investigates possible bottlenecks that may have a negative effect upon a project. The risk management methodology of Softvelopers assumes system functionality redundancy in respect to usage and control, along with the technologies of scalability and clusterization.

  • Quality and confidentiality

    Softvelopers adheres to a policy of product quality assurance, security and confidentiality. This allows us to build a long-term partnership with our customers based upon mutual trust and ongoing understanding.

    To ensure a high quality of our services, a dedicated Quality Assurance team (QA) actively participates in all stages of the project cycle in order to ensure the consistency of the processes involved. QA team reviews product specifications, carefully checks the product quality at each development stage, and is responsible for the final decision as to whether the product is ready to be delivered to the customer.

  • Technical support

    Softvelopers provides technical support for all of its products. Technical support can include assisting customers in adapting the product to rapidly changing market conditions, providing product enhancements and updates, and releasing new versions. In addition, we provide qualified training for our customers to reduce the time necessary for product maintenance and its adaptation to market conditions.